Multiple Layout Responsive Design (MLRD)

The Multiple Layout Responsive Design (MLRD) is an advanced responsive design approach introduced in Zedity Premium starting from version 3 (if you have a Premium License already you can download it for free). MLRD is based on the simple concept of enabling the user to have control over how the content adapts to any device, based on the page width. MLRD is an alternative to the responsive scaling option, which adapts the content automatically. With MLRD it is possible to show some boxes only on certain devices and hide them in others, change the size and /or position of boxes, etc.

How to set MLRD:

1. From the menu bar at the top, select the “Content” tab and in the “Options” group select “Responsive:  Multiple Layout” from the dropdown menu.

2. When the dialog appears, you may either select one of the layouts available or customize your own (you can create a custom layout after you have defined the XS layout).

3. Add your boxes and start building your content.

4. To switch to another layout, just save the current layout by clicking on the “Save” in the “Content” tab.

5. Switching to other layouts gives you the possibilities to “Show” or “Hide” the boxes you just added in the previous layout creations; add more boxes and even create totally different content for that particular device. 

Hidden boxes appear as icons, and you can decide to “Show” or keep them “Hidden”.

To do this, select the box you want to show/hide, then on the “Edit box” tab (on the “Layout” group), click the “Show” or “Hide” button.

6. Continue creating your content even for the remaining undone layouts you’d like to address.


  • Devices boxed in green, mean they are READY for Saving
  • Devices boxed in yellow, mean they NEED REVIEWING before Saving
  • Devices boxed in gray, mean NO LAYOUT has been set for that particular device.

7. Once your layouts are all done, click on “Save”.

8. “Update/Publish” your post or page through the WP editor as usual.