The Layout-Free Content Editor Plugin for WordPress

No more struggling with stubborn layouts!
Zedity is a visual editor for WordPress that enables you to create any design, from simple collages to complex infographics, with no layout constraints, so you can place your media content exactly where you want and do many things in just few clicks!

Getting the most out of Zedity

Easy for everyone

Anyone can use Zedity, with or without technical skills.

Flexible, Layout-free

Whenever row and column layouts are not appropriate to create the desired content, Zedity is what you need.

HTML5 under the hood

Zedity generates HTML5, CSS and Javascript code, no third-party or proprietary code.

Drag&Drop Content Boxes

The Zedity editor gives you multimedia boxes that can be easily dragged and dropped anywhere into your page.

Combine different boxes

Zedity is rich with different types of boxes: text box, image box, video box, audio box, draw box, HTML box, color box, and more!

Stack ’em up!

Love doing collages? Need overlays? No third-party app needed! You can easily arrange boxes as desired: may it Front or Back and you’re good to go!

Move boxes freely

No more fixed layouts! Anywhere within the Zedity block is a free space. Minimalist? Full content? You can do anything and have it your way!

Be playful

With Zedity, you can’t help but being creative! You can play with colors, shapes or even doodles. Explore and be blown away by many other features Zedity has in store for you!

Are you ready to get started?

What our customers say about us

WOW, I have to say that this is one of the best plugins I have ever used. I have what you call the “15 min Test” if they say it “simple to use” if you can’t figure it out in that amount of time I just uninstall it goes on to the next one and the thing is I was not looking for something like this… Thank for a great plugin!

Tom Savino (tsavino)

I have been a long time user and I am so happy you guys continue to improve the plugin. It won’t be long until you’re on those lists of 10 most needed plugins.

Casey U. @Customer support

Amazing Plugin, easy to use. I had been looking for a plug in to help me build custom pages and this one is working perfectly so far. I’m so happy I found this plugin! It’s very easy to use and the support pages and reviews have been very helpful.


I love this tool and Zedity Crew. This editing tool and awesome! I bought the pro version and needed some help with it and Zedity emailed me right away with a solution to my problem. I definitely love the tool they created and would recommend Zedity to all my friends.