Zedity User Quotes

We work hard to make Zedity great and the best reward comes from your words...

Incredible, without shortcodes, without words, the best editor plugin. Thanks for your job and thanks for free and updates.

AutoCultivo @WordPress.org

Fantastic! Amazing work guys, this was just the sort of thing i was looking for and i didn't think actually existed. Keep up the amazing work it is very much appreciated.

Hmmcrunchy @WordPress.org

Awesome idea, these guys love their work! Thank you for your efforts, you deserve 5 stars for taking care of our remarks and putting it into an action

Hesham elmelegy @WordPress.org

This is a really great plugin, and very unique. Haven't found anything else like it.

Voozer @WordPress.org

This looks to be one of the best inventions since the wheel. Zedity pro rocks!

Alan S. @Customer support

Awesome Creative Tool! I love it!! Finally the ability to design engaging pages with great ease and creativity! Absolutely recommending!! Many Thanks...

Robinsvm @WordPress.org

Should be part of WP4 Core. Creative posts laid out the way you want them with drag and drop! This is how pages should be put together. I like it a lot

imatiler @WordPress.org

Zedity makes it possible for our 70+ year olds to add content easily. It is important that they can feel a part of the process. My attempts using other plugins was still too tricky for them.

Thomas N. @Customer support

Great Service, Quick Resolutions. Very impressed by the ease of use and functionality. Had an initial issue trying to use javascipt in the HTML box and sent and e-mail, along with code and screenshot, and they work on a solution and had it fixed and updated the next day for me. Very responsive service and would highly recommend anyone thinking about using this plugin, it simply works and looks great!

mvincen3 @WordPress.org

Congratulations for your WP plugin, which is exactly what I expected since a lot of time

Xavier G. @Customer support

WOW I have to say that this is one of the best plugins I have ever used. I have what you call the "15 min Test" if they say it "simple to use" if you can't figure it out in that amount of time I just uninstall it go on to the next one and the thing is I was not looking for something like this... Thank for a great plugin :-)

Tom Savino (tsavino) @WordPress.org

Keep up the good work, this is one of the best plugins for WordPress!

Trey A. @Customer support

Love this tool and Zedity Crew. This editing tool and awesome! I bought the pro version and needed some help with it and Zedity emailed me right away with a solution to my problem. I definitely love the tool they created and would recommend Zedity to all my friends.

curtoliver68 @WordPress.org

I have been a long time user and I am so Happy you guys continue to improve the plugin. It wont be long until you're on those lists of 10 most needed plugins.

Casey U. @Customer support

Zedity is awesome :) thanks a lot

David H. @Customer support

I have to say, the editor is really really great. Look at our current About page: I seriously doubt we could have created this with the traditional WP editor, or even the enhanced version that came with our theme. All in all, a very cool product you have created.

Jerry and Lois Photography @Support

This plugin is in my Top 5 All-time Best, and I've been through 100's of plugins. It was the difference between designing and nice landing page or not having one at all. Nearly any static page that's not a blog post I use the Zedity plugin to design it. I like to experiment also, seeing what I can embed. Push the limits, ya know? Because the possibilities really are infinite. For a rarity, finally a product you can buy without considering the price. It's just worth it...

mo-millis @WordPress.org

This is one of the best plugins for the the everyday content creator! I cannot tell you how many man hours this has saved me! BEST WordPress PLUGIN!

tand @WordPress.org

Helpful support at Zedity. I thought it was too good to be true watching the tutorials. I wanted this program, but it would not work so I paid for the premium version for 30 days and it still did not work. Zedity helped me solve all my problems and we found another plug in I had was not allowing the zedity editor to work I received so much help even during Christmas and my premium service will begin the day I got it working rather than the day I paid! Thank You, I edited my posts and pages much easier and I like the look

abelonezone @WordPress.org

This plugin makes putting my blog together so much easier and I wish this plugin much success!

Jennifer A. @Customer support

For the longest time, I spent a lot of time on my Sons educational site not on writing content but how the post will look. When I first downloaded Zedity I really was expecting another promise unkept with good theory but with a huge learning curve to operate and the need to know programming. Was I in for a surprise of a lifetime. First, one thing I was ever so pleased about was that it really did not interfere with any editor plugins I have set up already, Zedity enhances and assists in your overall editing experience and allows you to use other functions in the same post. Wow, a plugin that works nicely with other plugins is a Thumbs-up in my eyes. That was the first surprise, second surprise was how easy it was really to set up. A few settings and your ready to use the editor plugin.
Now to the real Fun... Like I said, I was always concerned how the looks of my post was and so endless tweaks ect... Now, Simply add a box, drag it where you want and configure. This Plug-in truly works and lives up to it expectations. I have since moved to the Premium Version and worth every penny. I don't know of anyone I would not recommend this plugin to - especially when you want to put fun into your posts and articles. Add a little spice and imagination - no boundaries are set, your true imagination is set free to explore.

William (willandmae) @WordPress.org

Zedity Improved my output by a mile. I'm not a webdesigner and I have been using WordPress because its so good but the graphic design/positioning of text and images was driving me nuts. I downloaded Zedity and it worked immediately. Pages look professional, clever. Within a day I upgraded to Zedity Premium.It's a clever piece of coding. It's also saved my wife from listening to me constantly go mad at HTML. ( and you deserve a medal for that). Its now a pleasure to do pages and rather than dread the day coding I actually look forward to it. Well done Zedity.

alancollinge @WordPress.org

The ONE tool to edit WordPress pages with ease! When you have problems using the standard WordPress editor or don't find there the function you need, then Zedity is the tool which helps you without a need to understand HTML and Javascript.

albert0346 @WordPress.org

Great wordpress tool. This editor gives me possibility to create my post exatly as I want to.

jonnayde @WordPress.org

Amazing Plugin, easy to use. I had been looking for a plug in to help me build customer pages and this on is working perfectly so far. I'm so happy I found this plugin! It's very easy to use and the support pages and reviews have been very helpful.

melissatgibson89 @WordPress.org

Kudos on the best plugin in wordpress. I upgraded a few days after I knew I liked it and every one of my friends have heard about it now too. I am extremely pleased and have saved hours and hours with Zedity.

Casey U. @Customer support

Thanks for a great plugin... my clients, especially those who are graphic designers, love it!

How C. CTO, US Server Net @Customer support

I first installed the free version and loved it. So i decided to go premium - best decision ever! Love the functionality of the plug in, embedding video's works, images, text, color, etc - ites a great plug in. At first my theme did not support the plug in - i then contacted the support team, and they responded pretty quick - and they investigated the theme for me, sent me the html code and now everything works perfectly! Thanks Zedity team.

Pastor_V @WordPress.org

I've been a happier user of wordpress since I bought your premium Zedity plugin, mainly because I don't understand html.

João @Customer support

...Thank You all from the Zedity Team!