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Content duplication. New!

Once you created a Zedity content, you may need to use it again in other posts or pages.

The content duplication feature enables you to achieve that very easily in few clicks!

Content duplication

Multiple Layout Responsive Design

Multiple Layout Responsive Design.

Introducing MLRD, Multiple Layout Responsive Design, an advanced responsive design approach to give different layouts to your content!

With Zedity MLRD you create your content for very small page width (e.g. smartphones) and, afterwards, rearrange the position and size of the boxes for bigger layouts. Whenever needed, you can also use different images in different layouts!

Easy and powerful, MLRD takes responsiveness to the next level!

Responsive Scaling. Fit the content as is.

The responsive scaling makes your Zedity content scale down as much as needed to fit the responsive layout of your theme.

As a result, the content is entirely visible exactly as you had created it, just smaller (including the font-size in text boxes, if any) on smaller devices and with original size on bigger ones.

Responsive scaling

Zedity Additional Boxes

Additional Boxes. Endless possibilities.

Color Box: to easily add solid or gradient backgrounds, shapes, etc.

Document Box: to embed documents like SlideShare, Scribd, PDF, MS Office, Apple Pages, etc. into your page.

HTML5 Box: for those cases where you want a piece of HTML code into a Zedity box! Ultimate flexibility to add code for Forms, Maps, Payment buttons, etc.

Embed Audios and Videos. All major services.

Play an audio track from: Bandcamp, Myspace_music, Reverbnation, Shoutcast, Soundcloud, Vocaroo, ...

Play a video from: Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Justintv, Ustream, Myspace_video, Veoh, Metatube, Vine, Snotr, Bliptv, 5min, Tunepk, Coub, ...

Audio and video services


Advanced formatting. Details that matter.

Unlimited colors, with the Hex and RGB buttons, to enter any desired custom color your design requires.

Box padding to add desired space between border and content.

Set and show exact width and height for any box.

Ordered and unordered lists, indent and outdent.

SEO Friendly. Heading and paragraph tags.

The Zedity Editor generates pure HTML5 code, with no use Flash or other plugins.

Use any heading (H1, H2, ... H6) and paragraph tags as needed to achieve the desired SEO optimizations.

SEO friendly

URL links

Url Links. More than text links.

Box link: associate a link to any text, color or image boxes.

Content Link: associate a link to the whole Zedity content. Useful to create banners, buttons and any other all-clickable content.

Web and Custom Fonts. Your distinctive style.

In addition to 100+ Google Web Fonts, you can use your own custom fonts.

Wide range of font sizes, from small to huge ones, to address any need.

Custom and web fonts

Alignment and snap

Snap and Alignment. Perfect positioning.

Snap any box to the page or to other boxes, with a magnet-effect.

Box alignment to the top, middle, bottom, left, center, right of the page.

NEW! Grid to create multiple column layouts, quick and precise alignment to give your site a professional look.

Multiple boxes vertical and horizontal alignment.

Use arrow keys ←↑↓→ to move the boxes around to find the desired position with pixel-precision.

Custom Text Link Styles. As stylish as desired.

You can customize the style of your text links whenever you want it to be different from the standard one.

The customization includes not only the way the links look normally, but also on mouse hover, giving you total control to achieve any desired style.

Custom text link style

Grid and snap to grid

Adjustable grid. New!

The grid feature enables you to create multiple column layouts, snap the position and the size of the boxes to the grid, etc.

The grid size can be set to any desired value.

Achieving professional looks in a blink of an eye is now very easy!

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