Your Web Designer? Now it's you!

Zedity is a modern web content Editor that combines ease of usage with unprecedented design freedom, enabling everyone to create any desired content easily and quickly like never before.

Easy for everyone

Easy for everyone!

With absolutely no coding or technical skills required, Zedity enables everyone to create web content visually, quickly and easily...

Total design freedom

Total design freedom!

Unprecedented possibilities and flexibility to create any desired design, as easily as if you're doing it on a piece of paper...

Saves you time and money

Saving time and $$!

What used to take hours will take minutes with Zedity! And since you can do it by yourself, you can also save the money spent for hiring a developer...

Zedity Plugin for WordPress. Your best step forward!

Creating WordPress posts and pages will become a pleasure with Zedity! Haven't tried Zedity yet? Download the Free version and see for yourself!

Ready for the first class journey? Zedity Premium, with all the features you need, is the top-notch editor for WordPress. Get it now!

Zedity Improved my output by a mile. I'm not a webdesigner and I have been using WordPress because its so good but the graphic design/positioning of text and images was driving me nuts. I downloaded Zedity and it worked immediately. Pages look professional, clever. Within a day I upgraded to Zedity Premium.It's a clever piece of coding. It's also saved my wife from listening to me constantly go mad at HTML. ( and you deserve a medal for that). Its now a pleasure to do pages and rather than dread the day coding I actually look forward to it. Well done Zedity.


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Zedity Online Editor. Automatic code generation.

Not using WordPress? Zedity Online Editor is an online service that enables you to use Zedity to design your web content.

How does it work? After creating your content, Zedity generates the corresponding HTML5 code automatically, ready for you to copy and paste it into your pages or files.

For UI Mockups, Prototypes, web pages, sites and any case where you want to generate HTML code visually, quickly and easily!

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